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    B.J.'s Home Study Course

B.J.’s School of Blackjack was a longstanding fixture in our town, established in the late 60's or early 70's. In the 80's a man named Leo Gordon came along. An avid Blackjack player he was naturally interested in the school. He purchased the school and between trips to Las Vegas he taught others his secrets of winning at Blackjack through his new found passion, B J’s School of Blackjack. Leo said that he learned as much as he taught thanks to the many successful students trained in his classes.

Along with the class room instruction at real poker tables, students received a course training manual. The book contained chapters on basic strategy, choosing the right table, reading the dealer, counting cards, tracking, money management and much more. Students would also receive first hand reports of his latest trip to Las Vegas and the results of playing at professional Blackjack tables. He was a high percentage winner and contributed his success to the lessons he had carefully outlined in his study guide. Blackjack is not a sport governed by luck or chance online casino, it is a game of skill. Learn your skills, practice your skills and constantly improve your skills with B.J.’s School of Blackjack Home Training Course.

Leo passed on a few years ago and left a Blackjack legacy that is still talked about from here to Vegas. Also surviving was a copy of the training course handbook. Partnering with and getting permission from his wife I have reproduced the original training manual (basically unchanged) and offered it as a home study course for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. This study guide and 4th grade math can turn a born loser into a natural winner in just a few short lessons then practice then WIN!

Truthfully, I'm not a Blackjack player. But I learned a lot of basic terms & strategy just reproducing this study guide. If you have any interest at all, IT'S INVALUABLE! And well worth the $20 cost (FREE SHIPPING)